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Spare Guide

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Spare Guide

The interactive management of a spare parts catalogue at which it's possible to link necessary technical documentation on the structural level.
It is the first and the most required after-sales service.

Predictive / Preventive machine maintenance

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Predictive/Preventive machine maintenance

Docu4 manages data relating to predictive/ preventive maintenance and maintenance interventions carried out or to be carried out, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Size change over

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Size change over

Docu4 guides maintenance workers in taking steps with all the operations necessary for a format change. The user follows the interactive guide in the various steps for preparation, execution and departure, minimizing time and possible unexpected events.

Maintenance Training Documentation

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Maintenance Training Documentation

Docu4 allows simple and interactive management of all maintenance training material, interfacing the technical documentation with the machine structure.
It makes well-organized documents to obtain skills and experience easely.

Docu4 is a suite for developing software solutions for managing after-sales support. Docu4 solutions are used by companies of diverse sizes and in different sectors, including:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Services

Docu4 helps companies improve their after-sales support. It offers a variety of features that allow companies to:

  • Reduce support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency
  • Achieve your business goals

Docu4’s most popular product is a software solution for creating, managing, and publishing spare parts catalogues. It offers a range of features that allow businesses to:

  • Create professional and interactive spare parts catalogues
  • Manage spare parts data
  • Publish catalogues in html5 formats

Docu4 can help companies reduce the number of support interventions and simplify the process of selling spare parts. Docu4 allows businesses to create accurate and up-to-date spare parts catalogues that customers can easily use to find the spare parts and the related technical documentation they need. In addition, Docu4 can be integrated with other enterprise information ecosystem systems, such as ERP, CRM and CCMS, to automate the spare parts sales process.

Docu 4  

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Some salient features:

Sample Catalogue

Free, instantly functional entry-level version and sample catalogue loaded with your data, at no risk to you.

Automated Creation

Automated tables and HotSpots creation from PDF, making catalogues much more efficient.

Easy to scale and integrate

Made with the most modern web technologies and standards that are easy to scale and integrate into your workflow.