Infinitive Possibilities

The tools provided by Docu4 are powerful and encourage experimentation; the possibilities of what you can build are endless.

Our Features

Docu4’s best-selling product simplifies spare parts sales with features for creating, managing, and publishing spare parts catalogues and related technical documentation, reducing the need for assistance interventions.

Reduce support costs

Docu4 can help businesses reduce support costs by automating repetitive tasks, creating spare parts catalogues and managing support requests.

Improve customer satisfaction

Docu4 can assist businesses in improving customer satisfaction by providing accurate and up-to-date information about their products and services.

Increase efficiency

Docu4 can help businesses increase efficiency by providing support agents with the information they need to resolve customer issues quickly.

Achieve business objectives

Docu4 can help companies achieve their business objectives by providing high-quality after-sales support that allows them to retain customers and increase sales.



Projet builder online

Using the Author, the generator tool, you can import data and compile, test, share, and distribute projects (catalogues or any technical documentation you need).
Some of the relevant features are:

  • Develop projects and include user-defined database, display, sort and search fields.
  • Using drag-and-drop, import data (master data, drawings, hierarchical parts lists).
  • The clever import procedure identifies and imports all related data automatically.
  • Create hotspots, catalogues, and documents automatically.
  • Update the project with new data with an easy workflow.
  • Import data in batches of 2D drawings (PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG) and 3D representations.
  • Pdf documents are converted automatically into HTML5 and any media supported by HTML5.
  • Test and approve projects in the development and production environments.
  • The project can be distributed publicly or for specific user groups.
  • One-click release for online publication.

The Reader environment

Some of the relevant features are:

  • Customers and staff can identify the replacement parts needed through an intuitive hierarchical arrangement of drawings or assemblies.
  • The catalogue displays drawings, hierarchical parts lists, additional documents, and notes.
  • Search and navigation functions are convenient.
  • The cart section has a search and export procedure.
  • Optional print function.
  • Adaptability – the app works smoothly on different devices and input methods (keyboard or touchscreen).
  • Display options based on the CSS custom theme.

GDPR compliance

For Thenware Ltd the idea of having to “adapt” software to process data in compliance with the GDPR is already a failure. In fact, our solutions do not process more data than is necessary and legitimate. On the other hand, our customers reward us by appreciating and using our software that complies with the legislation on the protecting of personal data.