Support & Service

Docu4 is incredibly easy to set up and operate. The intuitive logic and UI make it a breeze to produce interactive spare parts catalogues or an interactive manual for the first time, or if you are switching from another product to Docu4.
So your users won’t need extensive training or support to use it.

Our Service

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we specialise in designing and implementing interactive parts catalogues and manuals.
Our expertise enables us to offer professional services alongside an optimised product.
Our client-centred approach means we work closely with you to determine and implement your unique demands and solutions.

Workflow services

It is important to understand customer requirements and develop a plan of action to meet them. We offer plenty of assistance to help you get off to a great start. We take care Docu4 workflow meets all your needs and requirements while we offer our services so that the implementation process goes according to plan. Moreover, our solution is easy to deploy as it utilises existing data and procedures.

Data migration

We support you in migrating data or integrating them into your ERP system to meet your needs. If you’re currently using software for parts catalogues or manuals and are considering replacing it with Docu4, we can assist with data migration to make the transition easier. We have import interfaces and sample data available.

Software personalisation

At Thenware Ltd, we provide software and UI customisation and additional features in Docu4.
For instance, we can help you integrate specific business operations or merge catalogues into your sales system.

Cloud operation

Forget hosting complexities with our VPS, fully managed 24/7/365 by experts. Our virtual personal servers are well-managed. We entirely set up, maintain, and optimise your space on our managed VPS in the location that you prefer fixing any issues that may occur, and keeping all the management hands-off for you. Unlike other providers, we even handle the advanced stuff without extra fees. Our top priority is security.